Fall & Farm Stand

DSC04006 DSC03999 DSC04002 DSC04004 DSC04005 DSC04013 DSC04018 DSC04021 DSC04023 DSC04030 DSC04034 DSC04044 DSC04046 DSC04306 DSC04308 DSC04310 DSC04313 DSC04317 DSC04320 DSC04325 DSC04328 DSC04330 DSC04334 DSC04337 DSC04345 DSC04347 DSC04355 DSC04359 DSC04362 DSC04367 DSC04369 DSC04375 DSC04376 DSC04378 DSC04382 DSC04391 DSC04393 DSC04396 DSC04399 DSC04401 DSC04404Fall harvests and the farm stand


2 thoughts on “Fall & Farm Stand

  1. These photos are stunning! All the produce looks delectable, and it makes me wonder why on earth anyone would want to buy their fruit and veg from supermarkets?! We are actually trying to create a social change in Sydney, Australia to encourage people to boycott the supermarkets to not only nourish themselves with the best and freshest produce available, but to also support the farmers.

    AR xx

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you appreciate not just the photographs, but what they represent. Fresh food grown on your own or by local farmers, cannot be beat! As someone who worked on a farm, I can attest to the fact that fresh produce tastes the best and is the most nourishing!! Good luck with your project 🙂

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