Glacier: Highline & Ptarmigan Tunnel

DSC03410 DSC03411 DSC03419 DSC03432 DSC03434 DSC03446 DSC03456 DSC03483 DSC03506 DSC03510 DSC03538 DSC03553 DSC03559 DSC03560 DSC03569 DSC03571 DSC03574 DSC03593 DSC03615 DSC03625 DSC03638 DSC03645 DSC03672 DSC03677 DSC03684 DSC03696 DSC03699 DSC03701 DSC03703 DSC03707 DSC03711 DSC03716 DSC03726 DSC03731 DSC03735 DSC03748 DSC03753 DSC03754 DSC03763 DSC03770 DSC03772 DSC03781 DSC03786 DSC03823 DSC03842 DSC03846 DSC03863 DSC03868Two days in a row of 10 mile hikes at Glacier National Park. The Highline Trail on the West side and the Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail on the east side, both equally beautiful and full of wildlife. Ptarmigan Tunnel trail was a bit more exhausting with all the uphill hiking, but so worth it!!


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