Up On a Mountain

DSC01325 DSC01340 DSC01354 DSC01364 DSC01370 DSC01393 DSC01396 DSC01398 DSC01401 DSC01404 DSC01409 DSC01415 DSC01426 DSC01427 DSC01428 DSC01429 DSC01448 DSC01523 DSC01534 DSC01548 DSC01550 DSC01555 DSC01557 DSC01561 DSC01568 DSC01574 DSC01575 DSC01585 DSC01589 DSC01591 DSC01633 DSC01642 DSC01650 DSC01654 DSC01659 DSC01670 DSC01678 DSC01681 DSC01687

Not sure which one…tried to get to St. Mary Peak but we took a wrong turn and ended up across from it…teehee 🙂

ps. pictures of me are taken by Tayne Hughes 90% of the time!


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