DSC09353 DSC09363 DSC09367 DSC09374 DSC09375 DSC09379 DSC09386 DSC09388 DSC09389 DSC09393 DSC09399 DSC09401 DSC09402 DSC09408 DSC09410 DSC09412 DSC09419 DSC09420 DSC09435 DSC09438 DSC09444 DSC09450 DSC09460 DSC09465 DSC09473 DSC09479 DSC09490 DSC09492 DSC09496 DSC09501 DSC09529 DSC09534 DSC09545 DSC09562 DSC09606 DSC09771 DSC09785 DSC09830 DSC09835 DSC09850 DSC09868 DSC09915 DSC09927 DSC09937First stop on a mini adventure north. Missoula is a cute cute little town that almost reminds me of Chico because of its hip-ness. Beer & mountains & music everywhere. We checked out the Zoo Music Awards downtown and saw some local music and walked a lot and got some fried pickles and drank too much and it was lovely


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