Van Damme // Mendocino


Another fantastic day spent with friends. From Russian Gulch to Van Damme state park. Russian Gulch is apparently pretty popular at this time of year so in order to do two days of camping together, we had to go from one place to another…which actually turned out to be pretty cool. Russian Gulch and Van Damme have the same charm, each with great woodsy campsites and nearby beach access, but they’re both different and beautiful in their own ways. We headed to Cafe 1 in Fort Bragg for some much needed food & coffee and then went to explore Mendocino for the day. The cute little town of Mendocino absolutely blew my mind with it’s cuteness and crazy plant life and little coastal cliff trail…I definitely am going to have to go back soon. Very grateful to have had a personal tour guide (Steph) who had been at least once before!!! After this camping excursion, we parted ways with our dear friends…and went on to the intense and colorful city of San Francisco.


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