DSC05948-001DSC05949-001DSC05961-001DSC05976-001DSC06010-001DSC06012-001DSC06023-001DSC06047-001DSC06048-001DSC06051-001DSC06070-001DSC06075-001DSC06089-001DSC06094-001DSC06117-001DSC06118-001DSC06137-001DSC06139-001DSC06160-001DSC06163-001DSC06175-001DSC06177-001DSC06202-001DSC06204-001DSC06218-001DSC06236-001DSC06238-001DSC06262-001DSC06263-001DSC06269-001DSC06284-001DSC06309-001DSC06310-001DSC06311-001DSC06317-001DSC06321-001DSC06330-001 I cannot take enough pictures of this goat. Him and Hemmingway are very special to me because they both arrived around the beginning of my time at Farm Sanctuary, and I’ve been able to see them grow from being babies in pretty critical condition to being healthy, springy, weird little goats like they were born to be!! Totes came in and had all sorts of problems from being abandoned somewhere only a couple days old. He was in and out of Davis for quite a bit and for a while we were not completely sure how his recovery would be. A little less than a year later, he’s the goofiest and silliest goat on the farm. His rescuer appropriately named him Totes and he is dear to all of us on the farm. He calls out for attention when anyone walks by and is always ready to play and jump and love!!


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