Spending Time With Cows

DSC06378-001DSC06380-001DSC06382-001DSC06384-001DSC06387-001DSC06391-001DSC06396-001DSC06405-001DSC06410-001DSC06415-001DSC06423-001DSC06427-001DSC06429-001DSC06433-001DSC06436-001DSC06437-001DSC06441-001DSC06444-001DSC06452-001DSC06455-001DSC06457-001DSC06460-001DSC06464-001DSC06465-001DSC06466-001DSC06470-001DSC06475-001DSC06484-001DSC06487-001DSC06489-001DSC06491-001DSC06494-001DSC06498-001DSC06500-001DSC06504-001DSC06511-001DSC06512-001DSC06517-001DSC06518-001DSC06521-001DSC06523-001DSC06527-001DSC06540-001DSC06547-001DSC06548-001DSC06551-001DSC06562-001DSC06575-001DSC06576-001I had the wonderful option on my lunch breaks to walk out into the back pastures and spend time with some of the sweet and gentle personalities that make up the main cattle herd. Some of them have come from horrid situations and will probably never trust or favor humans, and some of these guys are so forgiving and trusting and just love the attention. No matter who has what personality and whether they want to be loved or not, they all have the right to enjoy this beautiful land and relax with their friends in the herd. It’s really amazing to be able to see cows (and donkeys too) just doing whatever they want (usually grazing or chilling) and not ever having to worry about being tortured or killed.


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