Saying Goodbye to Friends

DSC05674 DSC05676 DSC05678 DSC05693 DSC05702 DSC05713 DSC05721 DSC05723 DSC05735 DSC05738 DSC05753 DSC05761 DSC05775 DSC05782 DSC05788 DSC05791 DSC05798 DSC05809 DSC05814 DSC05824 DSC05834 DSC05838 DSC05842 DSC05850 DSC05854 DSC05859 DSC05867 DSC05878 DSC05880 DSC05883 DSC05898 DSC05904 DSC05910

Spending quality time with my dearest friends before my last days ❤


2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Friends

    • Hi Aunt Bette! I’m moving to Montana to work on a different farm, I had a really wonderful time at this one but I’m moving on to the next thing. Will be taking lots of pictures! Hope all is well

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