Autumn & Aiden Appreciation


1p Autumn aiden Aiden 1daaa aidemI am absolutely in love with these two sweeties. Autumn is still a little baby, perhaps not even a year old. Aiden, I’m not quite sure of his story or his age. You can read Autumn’s heartbreaking story here. Autumn is much easier to photograph because he’ll come up to you, if only for a second. He sniffs you and maybe lets you pet his face for a moment, but he always immediately runs back to Aiden to check on him and Aiden never lets Autumn out of his site. These two have the cutest most  glorious friendship



These last two wonderful, wonderful pictures were taken by my co-intern Tracie. I am so in love with them!! There has never been better candid pictures taken of me hehe. If you crouch down and hold out your hand, Autumn will usually come sniff you and then prance back over to Aiden ❤


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