First Week at the Sanctuary

lady turkey lady 2 lady cows door bunnies sammies goat goat 31 goat sammies cat 66 goat goat goat



I’m loving it here. I had two days of training at the beginning of the week and then two days off. On one of my days off I went on a vet trip with one of the caregivers and got sushi with her, that was pretty cool. Then when I got back I hung out wit some chicken ladies and two bunnies Beau and Millie. I also had some time to take some lovely goat pictures. Goats are so wonderful, they all have such unique personalities. You can see very clearly that the red hen (who I believe is named Chili) is debeaked. Debeaking is a disgusting practice used to prevent unnatural cannibalistic behavior that is a result from cramming so many birds into a tight space with no room to move and no sunlight or access to the outdoors. I also made little tea sandwiches for a potluck we had with the staff 🙂


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